Patient Registration

Register with Lungscreen and receive your Lungscreen ID

A key feature of the new Australian-based service is that you need to register with Lungscreen. This is only required once and before your X-ray is taken.

Workers need to be registered with Lungscreen so that the image and ILO classification form can be matched to the worker via a unique identification number (Lungscreen ID).

Registering workers avoids delays in Lungscreen issuing the worker’s final ILO report.

Employers, doctors or workers themselves can register via

Workers who create their own account with Lungscreen can view their images and ILO reports online.

Workers entering the Queensland industry from overseas do not need a Medicare Number to be registered with Lungscreen.

Registration allows your X-ray to be accurately tracked through the reading process and allows you to access your X-ray image and ILO reports online.

You can register yourself by clicking here

After completing the registration details, you will receive an email with your login details for secure access to your record.

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